Our Service

We provide services based on requests from the Client. In general, these services handle drafting contracts, contract reviews, the establishment of foreign companies, technical licensing in line with business, commercial transactions, legal opinions, legal due diligence, legal audits, legal investigations, legal research, IPOs, rights issues, and things like that.

We also provide services based on legal issues that are being faced by the Client. In general, these services handle in general, these services serve commercial litigation, criminal litigation, legal assistance, divorce, inheritance disputes, business disputes, tax disputes, intellectual property disputes, bankruptcy or suspension of debt payment, etc. Either settled through court or out of court settlement (arbitration, mediation, negotiation)

In addition to the two service models above, we also provide retainer services. Clients can subscribe to our services with mutually agreed service limits, for a certain period of time. This model is an attractive choice for beginner businessmen, beginner entrepreneurs, start ups, or Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Because the calculations become cheaper than having to hire an in-house counsel or a legal team at the company. Or even for foreign investors who are just starting their business in Indonesia, because they are still studying and adapting to the climate of doing business in Indonesia.