Bachry & Morris Law Office (“B&M”) is a modern Law Firm in Indonesia. With the maturity of each lawyer’s experience, B&M provides solutive advice on corporate and commercial transactions in various industries. B&M has a rich understanding of the unique business and legal culture in Indonesia to help both local and foreign investors to do business in Indonesia.

As one of the modern Law Firm in Indonesia, we have resources to handle large and long transaction. Our lawyers and legal counselors are well trained, understand industry-related, broad-minded, team oriented, and they have a long history of dealing business behind them. B&M provides a one-stop legal solution for every person or company running business in Indonesia. Consist of professionals, B&M focuses on providing the best and most effective solutions as well as being your full time partner for the development and sustainability of your business.

B&M offers a wide range of services to domestic and international clients interested in business development in Indonesia with little ease of effort. Furthermore, B&M will give you all the benefits in partnership and the right goal in supporting your business activities in dealing with corporate legal services to help you with efficient resources, especially on a more affordable budget. And at B&M, by effectively providing legal advice to our clients in all aspects of their legal service needs.
B&M helps clients to achieve their ultimate goal with provide various strategic suggestions, creative support and fast responses all the time. With entrepreneurial spirit and high ethical standards on our services, we have been successful in helping and representing our clients effectively in terms of cost and time. We also believes that complicated legal issues do not necessarily require solutions complicated, but they certainly demand the creativity and cooperation of the Law Firm that govern various fields of law.
In particular, we write, review, revise, and negotiate on the various contracts and business transactions encountered in every stage of the business cycle. B&M also aims to raise legal awareness among business actors. In order to achieve this, B&M provides legal services to assist business actors in managing business legality in order for their business to grow with clear and strong legal foundations. In addition, B&M also organizes various activities such as training, seminars, workshops, and advocacy for business actors.

Founders & CEO

Ramadhana A. Bachry, S.H., M.H.


He has experience in business and commercial law practice area, capital market, banking and finance, financial restructuring, financial engineering, merger and acquisition, commercial litigation, legal due dilligence, initial public offering (IPO), right issue, bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment. In addition to practicing as a lawyer, he also devoted himself to the world of education by becoming a lecturer and academic in one of the best Law Faculties in Indonesia.

Vicky A. Morris, S.H.

Founder and CEO

She has experience in the practice areas of legal aid, family law, child protection, women protection, and human rights, etc

Gita R. Desendy Bachry, S.H.


She has experience in in the practice areas of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs, layout designs of integrated circuits, plant variety, geographical indications, license and franchise.